| | +1.732.303.8951 was started by Joy Liapis, a teacher and mom of three boys that played travel soccer. 

"I remember going to tournaments all over the east coast, feeling apprehensive about what food options we might have and how
far I was going to have to drive between games. When they all
went off to college, I missed my soccer life so much as the
empty nest syndrome kicked in. What to do? We went back to
our restaurant roots. Growing up in the family restaurant, then cooking Greek food at specialty events for over 18 years, we decided to bring that fare to the soccer tournament world. was born!"

                  " was a great way for us to stay involved                       in the soccer community. We have so much fun                                 providing healthy and delicious food to all these                                 wonderful boys and girls. With the growth of our                                 reputation in providing affordable, healthier event food                       we have been asked to expand into Lacrosse,                                   Concerts, Fairs and other community events. In 2011                       we expanded our menu and built our state-of-the-art                          food truck to better meet our client's requests."

We look forward to seeing you at an event that we are catering.

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